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Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (CWRS) was established in 1993 to provide professional care for wildlife rehabilitation. Our goal is to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release –the three R’s of responsible wildlife management. Each year we receive over 2000 injured or orphaned wild animals and respond to thousands of wildlife-related calls from the public. In addition, CWRS provides motivational, skill-building experiences for volunteers and valuable outreach and education services to the community. CWRS is a registered charity and does not receive any direct government funding. CWRS is the only veterinary based wildlife hospital within the City of Calgary.

With an annual budget of just $315 000, volunteers contribute significantly to the functioning of our society and to the staff’s ability to care for our animal patients. Last year hundreds of volunteers contributed over 3000 hours of service to CWRS, helping with animal care, animal pickups, education, fundraising, governance and construction. Volunteers are a vital part of the CWRS team.

Please visit to find out more about our current volunteering opportunities.


11555 – 85th Street N.W.
Calgary, AB T3R 1J3

Tel: (403) 266-2282
Fax: (403) 266-2449



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